Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teal's second day

I got a couple of good videos of Teal yesterday. Its tough to get good ones because she is always running all over the place. It was sunny here yesterday so we did a little yard work. Teal and Ari had a nice time in the backyard while I was cleaning up the down branches and other less fun items.

When we went around front to clean up I was a little nervous about having Teal off the leash, but she is young enough and attached to me enough that it seems she won't run off. I am sure that will not last long though.
The first video is of her just romping around the garden. She was doing this pretty much the whole time we were out there.

Here Teal shows what a bad little dog she is. I don't usually let her grab on my clothes, but I didn't have another toy to offer her right then and I thought it would make a close up video. She also has gone pretty confident going up the stairs as you will see, but we don't let her go down them on her own yet. She is a tiny bundle of energy until she falls right to sleep in her kennel.

I am going to do a little update of Ari soon. I will put some videos of him on here then because he is cute too.

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Deborah said...

And you were worried that she wouldnt be bold? she is on her way to queen of the household....