Friday, January 16, 2009

Still loving New England, but not enjoying the cold.....

When I said I loved New England everyone said, "just wait until the winter". I am in the middle of a New England winter and it is tough. Walking between my car and work or home is fairly painful. I think the only way I would be warm enough would be if I was wearing a ski mask and no skin was exposed to the air. If Indigo didn't need daily exercise, there is a good chance I would not venture outside much. I think I would be happier in a cozy house with a fire and not a drafty apartment. So besides the fact that being outside is extremely uncomfortable, its still beautiful and that makes it tolerable.

The Bike Path

A new bread shop in Northampton

The deli closest to my house

I am almost done with my food service management rotation. I thought I would be really excited, but Im almost sad to leave. I actually really enjoyed working at Noble Hospital, which probably was mostly related to having a really good preceptor. I learned so much from her about how to manage people and how to get things done when working with a limited budget. I am just starting to make some progress with "going green" in the kitchen, so hopefully they will continue with the work I am doing. Some of the greening projects......I am starting a water bottle/coffee mug program to minimize the use of styrofoam. I am meeting with various recycling companies to start recycling glass, plastic and aluminum. I am switching from disposable cleaning wipes to wash clothes. If I was there long enough, I think I could have started a food composting program....Food service management doesnt have to be terrible!!

After a week long visit to see Ben, Ari and my new puppy, I'll be starting my clinical rotation at Baystate Hospital.

Indy and I have a lot of flyball tournaments coming up, starting on Jan 31st. We're (I am) going for a 3.8 second time (her best is 3.9). I think she can do it!

Here is what happens when Indy plays with her new tug toy from her buddy, Amanda....

She puts it on herself like a necklace

Then she puts it on like she has headgear
Then she tries to shove the tennis ball in her mouth with the rope toy

Then she stares at me like this, looking serious and goofy and the same time. This is so funny to me for some reason. What a dork!

And then she gets bored and moves on to something else, such as a passing light or shadow. This is starting to be a major problem. Out of nowhere, she decided that she is obsessed with lights and shadows. From talking to other border collie owners, I have decided to stop this habit as quickly as possible. Crazy idiosyncratic border collies!

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Alassel said...

That last picture is absolutely hysterical. <3 silly border collies!

Now, if Ezri would just quit trying to destroy every toy she comes in contact with.....