Tuesday, May 3, 2011

waiting for the sun

It's been a hard Spring in terms of weather for us, so we have taken advantage all 3 nice days we've had so far. We have been exploring play grounds and enjoying playing in the grass. Both of Finley's grandparents visited for her birthday and and had lots of fun. I don't think she had any complaints about having two birthday celebrations.

I decided to leave my job and look for another one with better hours that is a better fit for my interests. We are keeping Finley in daycare for two days each week while I am job hunting. I am looking forward to spending more time with her, as she changes so quickly. She is just about walking now. She enjoys using her walker toy to help her with this. She is also beginning to play with toys more intentionally. She especially loves emptying and filling containers.

We started a new day care this week. I was a bit nervous because the kids have to sit at a table to eat and nap on little mats. Her report for day 1 was great! I was shocked that she stayed at the table to eat and slept on a mat on the floor. It was a proud moment for us.

She is 1! I'm going to keep taking photos, but probably not every week. I'll aim for monthly owl photos from now on.

We have never been to the tulip festival and so this was the year to finally go. It was well worth the traffic and long drive for the views of the flowers.

this is my favorite photo

The drive home

We have been checking out some of the playgrounds in Seattle. This is our current favorite

trying to let the dogs escape