Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Best Flyball Box Ever Available NOW!

My friend Dave started a business making flyball boxes! His boxes are well made (by hand) and are much less expensive than some others of similar quality and style. If you are looking for a new box check him out at Fast Track Flyball boxes!

Indigo enjoyed using one of his boxes this past year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

our year late wedding reception

Weddings are not my thing. I dont like big white dresses that cost $1000, making my closest girlfriends get the dress of my choice, posing for 500 group photos, generic public expressions of love etc.... I never wanted to have a wedding really at all.

Last summer at the we planned a minimal ceremony two weeks before it happened. We picked one of the last available parks in Seattle and asked our parents to join us at pretty much the last minute. It was perfect....non-religious and well-documented by a talented photographer.

When Ben decided that he wanted to have a party to celebrate with our friends and family I was reluctant. Picking out invitations and party planning are also not my favorite things to do. My only concern was making sure the food was good! Frances was excited to plan and host the party in Reno, so we decided to invite everyone to a full weekend of non-traditional wedding partying. One night for out of towners at the Shyrocks house and one night at a local restaurant.

It turned out to be more fun that I could have imagined. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I was so happy to have (almost) all my closest friends and family together in one place. It went by really fast and was exhausting, but worth every penny (other than the bill for the open bar that lasted from 6pm until 11pm!).

the amazing lemon poppy cookies for our guests gift bags

On Thursday night Diane (a friend of the family) and I prepared a Mexican dinner for some of the family that arrived early

we couldnt resist adding some cheeses to our appetizer selection

Our menu also included Bens homemade guacamole, bean and corn salad, green salad with jicama, and chicken and cheese quesadillas.

One of my best friends Carly came to the rescue and photographed our Tapas party on Friday night. Here are some of the best shots...

the lovely photographer in the middle! thanks Carly! love you!

The photos from the dinner on Saturday night are not here because we did have them taken professionally and I did have to pose for at least 500 group shots!

I did get some other photos from the weekend including my trip with Rachel to get our hair and makeup done. I would have never thought to do this if Rachel didnt suggest it, but it ended up being fun and I was happy to get rid of most of my hair!

And then there was the after hours party.............

We were actually allowed to relax a little bit on Sunday with a trip to the Truckee River!