Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekend adventures

Since I started working, our weekdays pretty much consist of rushing around to get a moderately healthy dinner on the table and keep our household functioning. This leaves our weekends for fun activities and relaxing. Its nice to allow ourselves to actually take it easy for two days a week - not something that I am usually very good at.

Sometimes its easy to feed Finley a snack while she sits on my lap. Here we are sharing some carrots and hummus

When Finleys Grandma and Grandpa from NJ came to visit, one of the fun things we did is go to the childrens museum in Everett. This place is cool! We lost Ben and my Dad for awhile in one of the exhibits. There were plenty of activities for Finleys age as well as for older kids and obviously even adults.

One of the fun things they had is an old bank teller window for kids to play with money counting

they also could pretend to drive to a tractor

erWe have been trying to make a habit of going to the farmers market every weekend to get local eggs, meat, cheese and whatever local vegetables and fruits are in season.

We decided that Pax was most in need of a socializing experience, so he got to go to the farmers market this day. He did wonderfully and we learned that lots of people like whippets

Clover is a lovely little toy store that have been wanting to check out


We got eggs, carrots, braising greens, carrots, pears, apples, tulips, potatoes, cheese, pate, sun dried tomatoes and onions

crawling like a mainiac
Spending time with Gran

One of the many ways that Finley finds to get into trouble

40 weeks

Today we started out our morning with me sleeping in (we decided to take turns on the weekends). Its pretty nice to be able to sleep in one morning. And then we headed out for breakfast in the adorable neighborhood of Georgetown. There are so many fun restaurants and shops. We went to a place for brunch called Geraldine's Counter, which had a 30 minute wait (why do brunch places always have such a long wait?). While we waited we went to the Columbia City Bakery, where I introduced Finley to a the scone. She LOVED it! Maybe its genetic. She had a savory scone. She let me try some and I had to agree that it was one of the better scones I've sampled.

For brunch I had Gingerbread pancakes with apple topping and Ben had a breakfast casserole. We both enjoyed the very strong coffee with cream. Before we left for our hike, we stopped in for some dried meat sticks from Bob's Meats.

We went to a trail in Issaquah for an afternoon hike with Finley on Bens back and the dogs racing through the woods. It was really refreshing to get out of the city.

41 weeks

Friday, February 4, 2011


Finley spent her first week in daycare. It is so hard to not see her all day! I only have about 2 hours before she has to go to bed. It stinks that some stranger spends more time with her than me!

I am about halfway done with my training and look forward to her being in part time daycare. It was really helpful to have Finley's Gran and Grandpa here before daycare started. She definitely had lots of fun with them.

Here is short video of Finley with her Grandpa