Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sun Comes OUT!

We took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday and spent the day enjoying the sun. We took the dogs for a run. Indy is not allowed to play chuckit or frisbee right now, so we give her a Cuz ball to run around with! Her and Epic had fun racing around the field.

We stopped at PCC in Greenlake for food and had a picnic at Greenlake. We had cold chicken, chickpea salad, cherries and iced tea. The weather was perfect and it was very relaxing. Finley enjoyed her first picnic and tolerated me taking lots and lots of pictures.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finley 7-8 weeks

Finley is changing so much, so quickly! She smiled for the first time last week and continues to spend more time looking around, especially at the ceiling?! Her head and neck strength is impressive! She can hold her head up easily and now finally enjoys tummy time.

Her Grandparents visited for a few days and we took her to the outlet mall and got WAY too many new clothes. Luckily we change her clothes a few times a day, so she will probably wear everything a few times. Ben and I were able to go out to dinner to Elliots Oyster House for happy hour and we even got to go to flyball practice with just Epic. Training dogs is sooo much easier when Finley is safety home with her grandparents.

She went for her 8 week well-child visit and got 2 vaccines - DTAP and rotavirus. She was NOT happy that night at all. She is now 23.5 inches long, which is the 92nd %ile length for age. She weighs over 10 lbs and is at the 5oth %ile weight for age. She is super healthy and wont go back again until she is 4 months.

We went to visit Finleys new friend Mackenzie, who is one week older than her. Finley was not in a good mood at the moment, but we had to take a photo anyway.

8 Week Owl Photo!

7 Week Owl Photo!

Daisy Harvest

First Smiles

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finley 5-6 weeks!

We are finally getting into a rhythm and feeling like we can function much better than before. Finley has settled into a sleeping pattern that we are happy with. From what Ive been told it will change lots of times, but for now we are going day by day. She falls asleep at around 10 pm and then wakes up at 2 am, Ben gives her a bottle, then she goes back to sleep until around 6 am and I feed her and often she goes back to sleep again until 9:30 am.

She has just started making eye contact and watching her mobiles and toys. She spends a lot more time awake and alert, as opposed to just crying and sleeping. Her facial expressions seem more intentional and she will mirror us when we stick our tongue out. She still eats A LOT! Sometimes I feed her every hour during the day and it shows....she is 9lbs 4 oz and looking a little bit chubby!

We are enjoying life a lot more as well. We starting going back to all of our dog activities (herding, agility, flyball), gardening (we pulled that together), and cooking new recipes. We are feeling a lot more confident about taking her all over the place and Im feeling more comfortable feeding her in more public places. So far she has been to downtown Edmonds, Macys, agility class, Dianes sheep farm, Kate and Jacobs house, Chris and Joys house, Sky Plant Nursery, Marymoor dog park, and Greenlake. Today we went to Columbia City in South Seattle to try out a new butcher (instead of buying grocery store meat and to check out the farmers market.

We decided to start taking weekly photos of next to her owl. Finley + Owl - 5 weeks

The nursery is finally done! Her amazing custom quilt from Gran is hanging and the walls are covered in colorful art

art by me to match her room color and theme....lime green, orange, pink zinnias

the quilt with bird applique and beautiful hexagon patterns

her closet is FULL

our favorite pants

6 week photo with owl