Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden & Cooking Revival

Finley prefers to be held and moving or fed at all times for the most part. A large portion of our day is spent walking around with her in the Ergo Carrier. I get a lot done this way! I am easily able to clean and cook and walk the dogs (yes 3 dogs on leash).

After gaining an excessive amount of weight during my pregnancy, I am now officially on a diet. The first diet I've ever been on! I started cooking again, focusing on healthy meats/beans, salads and whole grains. A sort of whole foods/low carb diet. I've been loving and trying out some of Ina Gartens recipes.... chicken salad with mustard, stuffed cabbage and oven fried chicken. Her recipes all come out amazing!

some of our garden harvest. The broccoli on the left is from our garden and on the right is from the grocery store.

Our decision to keep the garden going way partially because we didnt have a a choice. We have no lawn, only flower, herb and vegetable beds. If we dont keep up with them, they will be beyond out of control (right now its just mildly out of control). Also we did a lot of the work before Finley was born and just needed to get a few starts to finish our planting. We took a trip to the nursery with Finley and bought zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and basil. We have already been able to harvest lots of peas, lettuce and some broccoli!

the mint is of course going crazy!

we think this is elephant garlic. the scapes are really good! they taste like asparagus
the cute little herb box that Ben made. Chive seeds planted in the middle are taking FOREVER to grow!

Our raspberries need serious help!

Japanese wineberry


garlic, broccoli and peas

lettuce growing with the crocosmia

my italian parsley FINALLY came up!

peppers in the driveway
On the left is an Anaheim Pepper and the other two are Sweet Banana Peppers

tomatoes and basil in the driveway
On the left is a Window Box Roma Tomato, the center is Italian Basil and on the right is Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato

We planted another Anaheim Pepper in the Southern Bed
We also planted 3 Aristocrat Zucchini in our Southern Bed

And finally we planted some Italian Basil in the Southern Bed

In the Middle Bed we planted 3 Early Girl Improved Tomato

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Anonymous said...

just saw this today. love that you & ben are back to the gardening! love the photos of the flowers. we booked our flights yesterday for labor day week. hugs to you two & finley. love, mom & dad, grandma & grandpa Seth.