Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Baby FInley! 2-4 weeks

Here are some more photos of Finley! We are having a blast watching her grow and experience the world. Its hard to believe she is now 4 weeks old. We are slowly adjusting to our new life, which now consists of taking care of Finley, making sure the dogs get some exercise and attention and keeping our house functioning at a minimal level. That is about it.

Its funny that we actually thought we would have a garden or continue with most of our previous activities. I always thought it was crazy when people said that they barely have time to shower with a newborn. I thought that must just be people that arent good at managing time. Not true. It really is hard to take a shower or eat or do anything. It gets easier everyday though.

If I can eat, take a shower, care for Finley (which involves feeding her most of the day) and get the dogs out for a run in a day, we are doing well. Sleeping is going better than we expected, but 5 hrs is still not enough. We start getting her ready for bed at around 7 pm and get up for the day at around 7 am. In that time if we get 5 hrs of sleep, we are happy. sort of.

Life is way more complicated and more simple at the same time. Since we dont have time or energy to do much, we are learning to enjoy simplicity (not something I previously excelled at).

I am making progress with my recovery from surgery and am starting to get some exercise and get out of the house at least once a day. My parents are visiting now and are going to watch Finley, while Ben and I go out for dinner! We are very excited!

The best way to get her to stop crying!

Finley is learning to enjoy kisses from Daddy

Gran and Finley enjoying time together

Hanging out with Daddy

The "I have a question" pose

Laying in the grass for the first time at Greenlake with Grandma


Rachel said...

I love the pics of Indy and Finley. There's nothing cuter and babies and doggies.
I have to figure out when I can come to Seattle to meet her.

Barbara said...

Finley is just adoreable ! I know what you mean about rest. When she is asleep, you have to rush around and get things done before she wakes up !

An English Shepherd said...

Hello Finley :-)


Cassandra Forsythe said...

Great to *meet* you Finley! You're adorable.
Now, listen to your friend, Cassie: Please let mommy and daddy sleep... they need the energy to keep you and the doggies happy and healthy :)

Anonymous said...

Just great!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Seth

linda reed said...

Love the pictures, she is such a cutie. Tell her that her great aunt Linda loves her already.