Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Bath and Other Adventures in The 1st Weeks

Finley's first bath! She still has her little stump so it was just a sponge bath.

Finley likes to ride in the Ergo Carrier with daddy

We took a trip to downtown Edmonds to celebrate Mother's Day.
What a cute little town.

Indy decided that Finley is a suitable toy thrower. She put her toy on Finley and stared at her. I hope she likes to throw things when she is older!

Daddy hanging out with Finley and Indy

Gran enjoying her time with Finley


Kate Kurtz said...

So cute!!!
I especially love that Indy is already trying to train her to be a toy thrower!
Ari is still having a great time over at camp Kurtz-Sheppard

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! We have so many gifts & things to bring you when we come. Mom & Dad (Fran & Seth)

Barbara said...

what cute pictures, she is really growing. Finleylooks like you both. Know Gran and Papa are in heaven being with her. I am sure she wil like throwing things to the dogs when she is older !

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, she is such a little doll. I know Gran and Papa are enjoying their time with Finley. I sen a package but forgot to put the card in with it. I will mail it soon. Love, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Finley will love to throw the ball for Indy. :) Love, Mom

John Gray said...

what a cheerful blog! nice to drop by

aicute said...

wow your baby is so cute!!!!!!

sweetmaremma said...

hi! i'm an italian mom, i found your blog in the web casually, i have a daughter, her name's emily.