Monday, January 26, 2009

Teal's first day

She is such a little sweetheart!! And very bold too. Yesterday we went over to our friend's (Joy and Chris) house for some socialization and playing. Teal got plenty of both. After just a short time of being a little unsure she started playing with her 6 month old cousin Ezri. They were wrestling and chewing on each other in between Teal getting cuddled.
I hope these videos work since they are acting a little weird on my computer. I also hope that Joy and Chris don't mind being featured on the blog (can't imagine why they would).

Ezri and Teal had a lot of fun. You can hear Teal chomping her jaws if you listen closely!

Then we decided to let Curzon out to play with his sister and Teal. Curzon did not like the puppy as much as Ezri did, but they all played together. Eventually Teal ran in and started tugging with them like a brave little girl. I definitely got home with a very tired puppy.

But I had to wake her up to go to flyball practice. I forgot to take any videos while I was there (lame), but it was very good socialization for Teal. She met tons of new people and dogs, and she even got treats from a cute little girl named Lilly. Ari didn't practice again because he has a bum knee. It has not gotten better for over a month so we are worried about him. He did get to say hi to everyone there though which he loves. His favorite part of flyball is getting pets and attention from everyone. He probably couldn't care less about actually playing flyball.

Teal's day wasn't over quite yet though. We went over to our friend's (Kate and Jacob) house for one last introduction. They could not wait to meet her, and she seemed happy to be there. She got lots of pets and met a new dog, Guthrie.

She slept very well last night, only getting me up once to pee. I am impressed by how well she behaves in her kennel and how much she is willing to sleep. I really hope that keeps up!!

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