Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me.....an idea from Facebook

1. I love politics and listening to NPR.
2. I enjoy scones and earl grey for breakfast.

3. I feel strongly about protecting the environment.
4. I don't wear shorts.
5. I despise getting up early.
7. I will always watch SNL, even during its bad years.
8. I was vegan for 10+ years.
9. I can identify most wild plants in the Pacific Northwest.

10. I hate all alcohol, except a little bit of wine.
11. I find art museums extremely inspiring.
12. I do not enjoy the beach, especially when a resort is involved.
13. If I wasn't a dietitian, I would have been a dog trainer or botanist.
14. I would gladly spend a whole day in a book store.

15. I sometimes wish I lived in Europe.
16. I am comforted from a lack of familiarity and being in new places.
17. I hope to learn Spanish, even if I have to live in South America for awhile.
18. I love long drives and am not irritated by traffic.
19. I started school in NYC as a film major.
20. I am an avid gardener and not having one now is torture
21. I have a massive chest freezer......for my dogs food.
22. I can patiently sit in front of the computer for an unnaturally long amount of time.
23. I could eat Vietnamese food everyday.

24. I love grocery shopping and reading food labels.
25. I can't function without my moleskin daily planner.
26. I prefer natural medicine to pharmaceuticals.

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