Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teal @ 8 weeks

This is probably the last one we will see until Ben meets her at the airport on SATURDAY!!! Her lighter red tri parts are becoming more visible and her ears seem to be sticking up a little bit more. All of her litter mates have gone to their new homes and are doing very well.

Ben is very prepared for her arrival. He already signed up for puppy class at Ahimsa in Ballard and he has a lot of plans for socialization. They are going to go all over the city - to the hardware store, the nursery, Pike Place Market, Diane's farm to see sheep and other farm animals, Norms (the dog bar) and other dog friendly cafes.

She will start her flyball training right away too. The people in our flyball club in Seattle have been getting quite a few puppies lately, which means our trainers have been getting a lot of practice. I'm sure Teal's training will be amazing. Hopefully she will catch on quickly.

We are hoping that she will be more of a natural with Sheep than her sister Indigo. Her sheepdog training will most likely wait until she grows up, after she is done enjoying her puppyhood.

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