Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Holiday in Portugal: Part II

We arrived in Salema in the dark to our little beachside inn. We pretty much dropped our bags and then went to one of the four restaurants in town.

Our accomodations

Ben and his sardines. In my opinion they are very unappetizing

Frances got all the bones out!

The next morning we started our tour of the Southern coast of Portugal. We went to towns called Tavira, Sagres, Faro and Lagos along the coast. It was very non-touristy and really interesting to see the active fishing villages.

The terra cotta pots are for catching octopus. They put them on the ocean floor and the octopus go in for shelter. When the fishermen pull it up the octopus sticks and then they spray bleach in the pot to get the octopus to release itself. I won't eat octopus.

Apparently in addition to tile, Portugal is known for ceramics. We found some really nice handmade/handpainted pieces for a good price.

I guess this guy doesnt fall off the cliff when he catches something

We made sandwiches in our trunk. salami, cheese and mustard.

We bought fluffy white bread from "the bread truck"


It was orange season

Cataplana. Seafood stew traditionally cooked in a copper pot. Im sure this was good, but my memory is clouded by the food poisoning that followed.

Parking the mule in the driveway after hard day of work

New Years Eve

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