Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visit with Ashley, Spring Flowers

Earlier this month Teal and I went on our last walk together. We went to a lovely park with many spring flowers blooming. Teal is now in her new home and doing very well.

Typically when people come to visit, I like to spend at least one day in the Berkshires. I also never get tired of the Clark Art Institute Museum. So Ashley and I went driving through the back roads of the Berkshires. We stopped at the museum first and then when the sun came out, we started making our way down to the Southern Berkshires. The explosion of green and rolling hills in a mix of wild meadows and small farms was unbelievable.

One of our stops was this covered bridge in Sheffield, MA

At all times during our drive we were alongside a creek or lake and sometimes I couldnt resist stopping and taking a photo.

We also stopped and did a short hike to Bash Bish falls in the Southwest corner of Mass in the Taconic Mountains. Its the highest waterfall in the state.

Some trillium along the hike on its way out for the season

And for a complete change of scenery yesterday we went to Boston. In all the time Ive lived here , I havent actually been to Boston. For a trip to a city that is known for crazy traffic and confusion, it could not have been a less stressful adventure. We started out at the Boston Public Gardens.

We then attempting to do an official walking tour, but ended up walking aimlessly until we got to Newbury St. Like every other Boston tourist we stopped at the Cheers bar, which is pretty much just a sign outside.

Amy and I waiting out side of Filene's basement, while Ashley bought an emergency sweatshirt. Emerald green and Ralph Lauren, can't get any better than that.

Indy was a trooper all day, letting strange people touch her and not herding any cars. She only growled at one screaming child and tried to herd a skateboard. We were lucky enough to find a place to eat lunch that allowed dogs on the patio and met Ashley's dietary restrictions. It was really good, authentic Thai food and they even had brown rice!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Deborah. I love your descriptions and fantastic pictures! Continue to write, don't hesitate to describe in detail as much as you can! I love to see captions under the photos. Glad you had a terrific weekend with Ashley, Amy and Indy. Thrilled you got to Boston and had a great time. Happy Spring! Hope you don't mind this unabashed post. Love, Your Mom