Monday, May 11, 2009


Story time through pictures!

Our neighbors planted flowers last fall. Despite the squirrels a bunch managed to come up this spring. The mix of colors is great.

The raspberries are really taking off this year. I am going to have to really thin them this fall.
Whatever-that-thing-is is really going to town too.
Our herb section of the garden is overfull!

Yes, the picture is a little crooked. Flowers are really coming up in our mini-bed. The passion flower has not put out any new growth, which is a little concerning. Winter may have been too tough this year.
Mister Clingy!
The Boss!
Also staring Mr. Stinky
Tam and Ari aren't starving,
but Anson is eating the good stuff. Baby goat!
He really has to work for his food, but he seems to know what he is doing.
Anson gets a variety of meats.
Dindin time for Anson, Ari and Tam


Anonymous said...

The garden is looking good, Ben. /Fran

An English Shepherd said...

The food looks nice as well ;-)

Wizz :-)

Katherine said...

I'm available to help harvest raspberries any time.