Saturday, May 30, 2009

Speeding up our flyball box

Upon viewing videos of our dog's box turns we noticed that some dog's are really having to adjust their box turns because the ball is not coming out fast enough. We want the ball to shoot out faster so the dogs can hopefully do a faster box turn. I took some pictures of the thrusters so that I might get some help from Dave, a great guy on Deborah's current flyball team. He knows flyball boxes inside and out!

Front of box

Side view, from slightly above

Bottom view (small and large ball thrusters)

Rear view of all 4 thrusters (the horizontal metal bar is on the angled trigger mechanism)

Another bottom view

Rear view from slightly below

Side view

Another rear view from slightly below

Another from the rear and below (zoomed in)

View from directly below the thrusters

Top view
The spring slides back, and provides the force for shooting the ball. The collar that adjusts the tension on the spring is easily adjustable with the hex screw. The other, longer collar is not easily adjustable.


An English Shepherd said...

Because I watch flyball alot ;-) I have noticed there are different types of flyball boxes over here.

Our club use a Boomerang box, what sort do you use?

Wizz :-)

Scott Bowen said...

I am not sure I will even get a response to this. But I like your photos of the thrusters. I am building a box now and I am having real trouble trying to find anyone to help me with designs on a thruster like the ones pictured. Your photos help a lot but I still do not understand what fully entails the springs holding in lock position. If you have any diagrams or designs I would much appreciate any assistance
scott bowen (