Monday, May 25, 2009

My Almost Perfect Weekend

My weekend started out early Saturday morning for an outdoor flyball practice. Indy never had issues running on grass, so we worked on ball holding a little bit. I spent most of my time taking photos of the team.

This is Spree who just found her drive. I love that everyone is cheering her on....such a supportive flyball team.

Amanda obviously had some fun with the camera!

Joe and Mustang

Spring and Mustang racing

After a nice long practice we took some of the dogs for a boat ride on a pontoon boat. It is the perfect set-up for the dogs to run and dive into the water.

I was feeling a little better about Indy's future as a swimmer after our past few visits to the dog park. The water there is not too deep for me to go in, but too deep for her to cross without swimming. I crossed the river and after a bit of screaming, she gave in and crossed to get me. On the boat Indy spent most of her time on the doggie dock wimpering about all the dogs going in the water and how scared she was to jump in herself.

She had much more success just going for a full jump of the edge of the boat. By the end of our adventure, she was happily diving off the boat with all the other dogs. Now the real test will be if she will swim off the shore.

After swimming we went to one of the coolest bakeries I have ever seen called Wrights Dairy Farm and Bakery in Rhode Island. Its a working dairy farm with a bakery on site! I was extremely overwhelmed, but ended up leaving with a birthday cake (chocolate strawberry shortcake), dinner rolls and a broccoli & cheese pie. Next time I want to try their chocolate milk and scones.

Poor Indy is scared of cows and had to pose with one. Im guessing that cow herding is not in her near future.


After the bakery, I hit the road for the 4 hr drive to visit Rachel and Teddy in upstate NY. Their friend has a beautiful cabin-like house in the middle of the woods. I got in at just in time for dinner. We sat around talking and watching TV before going to bed.
We took turns getting Indy to jump into our arms. She will jump into anyone's arms if they ask nicely.

We had a slow start to the day on Sunday, taking our time to make breakfast and lounge around. Eventually we make it out of the house and went to visit the Woodstock Museum on the site of where the concert happened in 1969. My mom was there! I would recommend the museum, although it was a bit overpriced.

After that we went out to a restaurant right on White Lake and had a nice relaxing lunch on the water.

It was on our way to the Fiddlers Flea Market that the weekend went bad. We stopped to make our left turn and then in a split second I was in a lot of pain and covered in water. Someone from behind us didnt see that we were stopped and hit us....hard. It didnt even sound like he slammed on his breaks. I was really dizzy and my ribs hurt and I was soaked from Rachel's water bottle. Otherwise we were all okay. It turned out that Rachels body flew into mine and our heads slammed together and her body smashed into mine. Right now as I write this (more than 24 hrs later) my head feels fine, but my ribs are still in quite a bit of pain. Also my back is fairly bruised.

The police, fire and EMT that came to help were incredibly and unbelievably unhelpful. When the ambulance got there the EMT walked up to me and said "so want to go to the hospital or something?" I said, "no". And she said, "okay well then can you sign this piece of paper saying I suggested you go?". She was not the least bit concerned at all. I asked her for an ice pack and she managed to get it to me after getting everyone else to sign her paperwork...about 10 minutes later. Then a K9 unit patrol car stopped and asked if we needed a ride. We said, "yes we would appreciate that". He then remembered that he doesnt actually have any seats in his car, since its all dog kennel and drove on. Nice.

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An English Shepherd said...

Sorry to hear it went so badly wrong after such a nice weekend.

Hope you are all OK.

Wizz :-0