Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where is Ari?

When I hear stories about people giving up their dogs to a shelter because they had a baby, moved, or simply because life got to busy.....I shudder. I strongly believe that when someone makes a commitment to adopt a dog, it should be a permanent arrangement for the life of that dog. It is unacceptable to ditch a dog when he becomes inconvenient. But what about when someone loves your dog and wants to give him a better life that you are capable of providing?

Ari wants nothing more than to spend all of his time in the company of his favorite people and not be bothered by children, puppies or too much activity. Our household is no longer his ideal situation. After over a yer of thought, I have determined that keeping him from the life that is being offered to him would be selfish. My very good friend Brooke and her Mom are willing (and excited) to allow Ari to live the good life in Portland. He will spend his days with his old buddies Cleo and Jesse, moving freely between a big grassy yard and the house. He loves nothing more than to lay in the sun all day long.

It is honestly hard for me to visualize myself not missing him everyday and wanting him back. Ari came into my life when I lived in Olympia many years ago. I had just moved to Olympia to start school with dreams of living in the country with my own garden and my own dog. The first friend I met there, Brooke, had just gotten her dog Cleo. Brooke and I talked about our favorite dog breeds for months and went to the pound to look at abandoned dogs until we couldnt stand to look into their sad eyes any longer. One day Robin (my boyfriend ) and I went to the pound with a plan to bring home the first cute puppy we saw. We saw two adorable puppies and took them out to play. One of them had massive paws, long legs and was pouncing and dancing around. We knew he was going home with us and we knew he was going to be huge. I told my landlord, who only allowed small dogs, that he was a mix the size of a cocker spaniel. It wasnt a complete lie because at the time, he was that size.

We had so much fun with him. After only a few months, I found it hard to imagine my life without a dog. Ari and Cleo were best friends and together with Brooke and I explored all of the walking trails in Olympia countless times. While Ari may not love kids, puppies, or anything cute, he is unbelievably loyal and desperate to please. Although recently he has become withdrawn and mopes around the house.

When Robin and I broke up after a 5 year relationship he was there and ready to join me as the next stage of my life began. He moved with me numerous times to various living situations with various dogs and people. He always adjusted without complaint. After Ari and I started spending a lot of time with Ben, he finally found someone that he loved more than me. You would think my feelings would be hurt, but I adored the way his eyes would light up at the sound of Bens truck approaching and then he would greet Ben by flopping down on the ground, whining and wiggling. True to his nature, he willingly plays flyball because we want him to, not because he truely loves it. Ari will always be my first dog. The dog that taught me about the true companionship and unrelenting commitment. I love him so much, that I am willing to share him during his remaining years. I promised him that he would live a happy life, free of neglect and abuse with people that treasure him and I believe that I have not broken our promise.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Ah, Ari will be happy at his new place and the best part is you still get to see him. Hard decision but the right one.

Stephanie Wells said...

Deborah! This made me so sad... So sweet though too :)

Anonymous said...

Deborah, the decision about Ari is the right one. he'll be fine & will adjust. Indy is a great dog, too.

The video is Finley is wonderful!! She is growing & learning all the time. Enjoy her. Talk to you soon.