Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Flyball tournament RV experience

We recently got ourselves an awesome new travel trailer. We spent months searching for the one with the best floorplan and other features that met our needs. Like I mentioned in an earlier post we decided on the Keystone Outback 301BQ. We were very excited to learn that it fits in our driveway and will be stored there and maybe even will be used for extra beds for overnight guests.

We took it out on our first trip to Canada this past weekend for a flyball tournament. It was such a different experience. I loved not dealing with checking in and out of a hotel. I also loved waking up and already being at the tournament. It is surprisingly comfortable with plenty of room to relax and sleep and even adequate room for cooking. Our favorite things about the floorplan: the main bedroom is pretty big and has a door, the dinette is huge and can seat lots of people and there is a bunk room for the dogs and Finley to sleep. This is going to make traveling with Finley so much easier. The only complaint I had was the noise. I didnt realize that flyball people party so much! They were up late! Maybe someday when I dont have to go to sleep at 9pm with Finley, I will join in.

We had a great time at the tournament, despite being shorthanded. Finley was held by lots of new people when Ben and I had to run our dogs at the same time. Indy and Epic were on an all border collie team, which finally broke 17 seconds. Also Epic got himself into the top 10 fastest border collie list for this racing year with a 3.800 second time in singles.

This is a view from the front door with the main bedroom in the back

View of the bunkroom and kitchen. The bathroom is to the right.
Finley resting on our bed

The dogs sleep in crates on the bottom bunk

This was Finleys first indoor tournament. She was not bothered by all the noise

She wore headphones for a little while to protect her ears from the noise

18 weeks

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful new photos of Finley & the trailer. Loved the video with her trying to roll over!!! Just amazing. :-) Thanks so much for sharing!!!