Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 months already & a sheep dog trial

Finley had her 4 month well child visit yesterday. She weighs 14.5 lbs (75%ile), 25 inches long (92%ile), 5th %ile ht for weight. She is still tall and skinny! She is on track with her growth and development, which makes us very happy. We talked about introducing food, but we are planning on waiting until she is 6 months or until she seems interested. We also talked about sleeping. The Dr suggested that we start having her sleep in her crib to avoid a bigger struggle later. Our compromise is to see how it goes with naps and then wait to stop co-sleeping. We are going away this weekend again for another flyball tournament. She is going to be a traveling pro!

17 weeks

Last weekend we went to Portland to get generators for our trailer (more about that later), visit Brooke and Ari, and to watch a big Sheepdog trial. We had so much fun. We had a great time with Brooke, hiking with the dogs and relaxing at her cute little house. And of course its always good to see our old buddy Ari, who is SO MUCH HAPPIER. I actually feel bad that we had him for so long. His mood went downhill slowly. The more dogs we bring into the house, the more unhappy he got. He now reminds me of himself when he was a puppy.

The LaCamas sheepdog trial was fun to watch! We saw a few friends dogs run and some famous dog/handler teams. It is amazing and reminds me of why I love border collies so much.

This is Deltabluez Lucy (bad photo) handled by Monique. We are considering getting a pup from her, so I can have a dog to train for herding. Yes we are crazy.

Remember those apricots and plums from Leavenworth? I made jam with them. Apricots always look good, but are always mealy. They taste so much better as jam. Last night I made a glaze for chicken with some of this jam, mustard, brown sugar, shallots, salt and pepper. It was good!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Deborah, Ben & Finley, So glad you 3 are enjoying yourselves!!! All our love, Fran & Seth (Grandma & Grandpa Taylor)

izzy said...

Awww..such a lucky baby...not even a year old but have been traveling to so many places already... <3

Btw, i found a list of pros and cons to co-sleeping, hope it'll helps =)