Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finley is 3 months!!

The summer is flying by and we are having lots of fun! Finley is so much easier to travel with at this age. She has been to several all day events and even spent a weekend away at a flyball tournament. She continues to cry less and smile and laugh more, which makes everyone very happy. She is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and it seems she will grow out of them really fast. She has just started watching everything around her very intently. She is very happy to see Ben when he gets home and loves watching the dogs play. She was especially fascinated by all the animals and action at the sheep farm!

12 weeks

13 weeks

In order to make our lives easier for traveling with dogs and Finley we decided to get a trailer to tow with our truck. We are very excited to go on camping trips and all of our dog events with a traveling hotel.

Here is the floor plan and a photo!


Kate Kurtz said...

Epic is stoked. Finley learned how to pet!!!

Sarah said...

I randomly came across your blog... I also live in WA.. but much more north of Seattle.

I just happened to glance thru your blog and your daughters pics caught my eye...
I think my son was born close to your daughter... he just turned 3 months as well.


Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog.. then I can see what kind of things you are going thru with your little one :)