Monday, October 12, 2009

Vienna is cool

We saw a little "classical" concert in Vienna. It was pretty touristy, but the music was good.

A swimming pool barge in the middle of Vienna. No one is crazy enough to swim in the actual river

This cake was rich! With a crispy sugary layer on top.

This cake was good, but it had some liqueur in it which is always funky.

Lunch is served!

This is one of the few nonsmoking Viennese coffee houses

Even their grocery stores are fancy

These things really work. I still haven't taken my Strumpfhose off.

One of the many neat building in Vienna.

The Lippizzaner stallions live right in the heart of Vienna. We got to see one walking around, but weren't fast enough with the camera. Apparently they are a horse fancy enough for the city of Vienna

Some of our comrades on the boat

They gave the earth back to Atlas so these ladies could relax for a while.

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