Thursday, October 8, 2009

EE Part III: More Passau and onto Linz

Results of an apple strudel making demonstration on the boat

We were "treated" to an organ concert on the world's second largest pipe organ. After about 20 minutes someone started clapping, which caused the rest of the audience to start clapping and filing out of the church. I don't think the concert was actually over.

A huge boat carved out of amber. Reportedly took over 1000 hours to make. I suppose there are worse hobbies a person could have.

These are the high water marks for the various floods that have inundated Passau. Bummer!


Those little rascals

We pulled into Linz for a late-night stroll.

Color changing building

Very clean and pretty town

Espalier is always nice for the town square

One of our tour directors, Marek. He was a fun guy

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