Monday, October 12, 2009

Melk Abbey and Cruising the Danube

The buildings were super cool

Look at that ivy!

Good place to build a fortress

I think the nobles used places like these to collect tolls for the river traffic

Pastoral setting abound

The church at Melk Abbey

Monk's library. This is just a tiny portion of all the texts they have.

The views from the balcony of the abbey

One of the few pictures we have to actually prove we were there.

Smash that three headed demon

A model of Melk abbey. The place is huge. There is absolutely nothing else in Melk, but tourists flock by the thousands to lay their eyes on the ornate home of the Melk monks.
Deborah is gazing at the fat angle-baby. Are his legs on backwards?

Reusable coffin. An economical, yet respectful way to bury your most dear.

Exterior of Melk abbey, outfitted with a modern mural representing on of the four virtues of the Melk Monks. I can't remember all of them, and I can't even guess what this one represents.

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