Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our New Truck and Fall Gardening

It was a nice sunny fall day today so we took advantage and did some yard work. We had to take out all the spent vegetable plants and clean up the beds for fall and spring planting

Here we planted garlic around the edges

Garlic from Sky Nursery

Here I planted Freesia, a bulb that blooms in the spring. I love the smell of the flowers!

Here I planted the Narcissus. This area is usually overrun with bluebells. This year Im hoping to mostly get rid of it!

This middle bed is where we planted fava beans this year

There we a few salvagable things growing in the garden including: cabbage, hot peppers and some leeks!


A few months ago we got a nice new truck! We can finally fit all the dogs in one vehicle with a little room to spare. We are very happy with it, even though we only drive it 2 times a week or so.

Our favorite part is the bedslide. Its the perfect way to crate all the dogs (other than Ari) in the back and not have to crawl in or take crates out.

The inside is nice too. Ari has a special area mainly because he is the oldest and deserves it and also because he is too big for every crate other than XXL. Its a very comfortable ride for long trips. We are excited to drive it to Phoenix in later this winter.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

What vegies are good to grow in the winter?

An English Shepherd said...

If you planted them hear at the moment they would wash away. Load of rain today...

Wizz :-)

Anonymous said...
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