Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pilot Dog Park in Shoreline, WA.

The city of Shoreline has been "discussing" options for dog parks in recent years. Currently they do not have one at all. We live on the border of Shoreline and Seattle, so any dog related news in Shoreline is big news for us with our 6,000 square foot city lot and 3 dogs!

From the City of Shoreline Website...................

At its January 26 meeting, the Shoreline City Council approved two pilot sites for off-leash dog parks recommended by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) Board and the Off-Leash Dog Area Study Group. The two recommended sites are at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park and Shoreview Park.

Members of the PRCS Board and the Off-Leash Dog Area Study Group presented these recommendations at a public presentation on October 29. The PRCS Board presented their recommendation to the City Council on January 20, 2009.

The City of Shoreline and members of ShoreDog will be working together to begin preparing for the opening of the Shoreview site this spring. Richmond Beach Saltwater Park will open this fall.

The PRCS Board accepted the recommendation of the Off-Leash Dog Area Study Group for two pilot sites located within Shoreview and Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. The Shoreview site is located in the northeastern corner of the park in an open lot that was previously used by the Shoreline Community College as parking. This site was recommended as a traditional Off-Leash Dog area to be open for the entire one-year pilot period. The site recommended for a seasonal timed-use site is the south end of the beach at Saltwater Park. This site would only be open from November 2009 through April 2010 for the pilot period.

The continuation of this area as a park will depend on how this pilot goes, so we better use it a lot and keep it looking nice.

The Richmond Beach site from


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An English Shepherd said...

Over here we have similar issues about using public parks & beaches off lead.

But most public places you can unless they have specific rules saying you cannot (if that makes sense!)