Monday, March 30, 2009

Adjusting to Teal & Puppy Boot Camp

Some of the time Indy and Teal wrestle and tug together (Teal always wins). Its fun to watch them play nicely together.

Last night Indy must have decided that she needed a break from Teals antics. Hopefully this does not become a regular thing. As I write this Teal is successfully stealing a chew toy from Indy. Life for Indy is going to be different and obviously introducing a new dog always brings changes, but its still kind of sad for Indy. Im working on teaching Teal to back off when appropriate. Its only been a few days, so we will see how their relationship develops.

Here is a few of the dogs that Teal will be spending next weekend with at Mary's house AKA "puppy boot camp".

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An English Shepherd said...

My Auntie (Border Collie) doesn’t really like other dogs so I have to play with Chip (Patterdale). Dare (BC) sometimes plays with me, but only when he wants to.

But if I get a bit too much the others all tell me off :-(