Monday, March 23, 2009

Flyball in Gettysburg: It wasn't just Indigo and I this time.

Ben flew into Newark late on Thursday night with a special travel companion. After a crazy, stressful morning of scrambling to find a new dog sitter, Ben decided that the only real option was to bring Teal with him on his visit.

I originally thought that this would be a reasonable idea since he was going to bring her in June anyway for our road trip back to the West Coast. We figured he could just leave her here until then. I guess our best decisions are not made a the last minute. It is great to spend time with her, but there are various reasons why having a puppy in my apartment is not going to work very well.

We haven't made a final decision about where Teal will spend the next few months. We will see how she does this week and then figure it out.


Ben, Indigo, Teal and I drove 3 hours from Newark to Gettysburg for some out-of-region flyball. We arrived on Friday afternoon and met up with the Canine Mutiny crew to watch a Civil War movie and walk through a museum. Leashed dogs were allowed on the battlefield so a few of us took a nice long walk. Ben and a group of our flyball friends went to on a haunted ghost tour. I was way too tired.

We had just enough time to get unpacked and get to the flyball facility for single dog racing. We had a goal for Indigo to beat 3.94 seconds. We got her all amped up and she ran two 3.8's over 7" jumps! Her best was 3.86. She had her official personal best time the next day when she ran 3.90 as start dog over 10" jumps. Her team keeps getting more comfortable racing together and our passes are getting better. The team broke the club record again with a 16.70 seconds. We didn't stick around to see where we placed, but it definitley wasn't last this time!

Sue and Stingray the borderjack

Slingshot the borderjack

In addition to single dog racing, the hosting club offered a lane for practice. We bought Teal 5 minutes of practice time and she managed to focus for about 2 minutes. We were happy with that considering it was her first flyball tournament experience. Amanda gave us a mesh tug to use with her to get her attention with cheese when other dogs are around. She made some great progress overall with all her issues this weekend.

Ben had fun running Indigo when she was start dog. He also ran Selma, a black and white border collie that belongs to Kerry and Dave. I ran Amanda's dog Chase all weekend. It was one of those flyball tournaments that does not involve a lot of sitting around. With only 8 of us and two teams, we all had to be doing something! It was lots of fun and definitely worth the 6 hr drive back to Massachusetts.

I will post updates later this week about Teals training progress. In between dog training, hopefully Ben and I will have some time to tour the area before he leaves on Saturday.

Indigo was very unsure about Teal since she is not sure how to interact with other dogs. Teal has snapped at Indigo, but has also tried to play with her. Today Indigo gave in and they played like crazy. It was very sweet.


An English Shepherd said...

Looks like you all had fun at flyball :-)

Alassel said...

I'm glad the girls are getting along well! It will be so much fun to have all three of them together when y'all get back.