Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Pictures of Teal

We got Teal's pedigree in the mail today so I took a couple pictures. We let her spell her name and she made a few mistakes, but still did a pretty good job. We would have just used Igniteds Passing With Flying Colors, but Flying Colors is a kennel name and it cannot appear in a dog's name anywhere. Well Teal sure showed them. Hopefully she will be a champion in the show ring one day so someone has to say her name out loud. At least Joy will have to say it when she gets her flyball awards.


Here are a few newer pics of Teal. We went out in the field again on March 14th. She had a blast, but it was rainy this time. She got wet, but we got warm in the car driving between my sites. She was much braver this time about running through the brush and you can see that she hit her right eye a little. I took another pic once we got home so no one is worried that her eye is damaged. She is back to normal now.


An English Shepherd said...

Lovely pictures, I have an American pedigree as well (but its from the UKC!)

Alassel said...

I am not saying that name out loud, the heck with you. :P Lolcats are not for real names!