Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week in Seattle - Part II

Ari did not have the TPLO surgery. We knew this was a possibility since there were no xrays taken until the morning before the surgery. We were still shocked when the vet tech called at 3 pm to tell us Ari was doing well and the surgeon decided to not do the TPLO "at this time". Another 2 hours went by before we heard from the doctor. That was hard because we had a million questions. Why didnt they do the surgery? Would they need to do it at another time?

It turns out that the xray and examination showed the doctor that he is not a current candidate for the TPLO because there were no signs that he had a tear. This is good news, however he did have some fluid build up in his knee. His diagnosis will be more clear after the pathologist looks at this fluid and a radieologist sees the xrays. The worst case would be that he has a very minor tear that will eventually tear all the way depending on how hard he plays. We are also hoping that he does not need NSAIDS for the rest of his life to feel good enough to play.

I am in the process of looking into how to heal him with crate rest, or to find out if that is an option. To speed Ari's healing Ben will be giving him a few supplements that help with different things. He is getting: fish oil, arnica, glucosamine, probiotics, and dog gone pain (Feverfew, Celery Seed, Wheatgrass, Boswelia, Bromelain, Papain, Corydalis Root, Cayenne, Turmeric, Shark Cartilage).

We decided to spoil him and get this lovely very thick and comfortable new bed


Today we went over to Diane's farm, our friend and herding trainer (the best trainer in my opinion). I have not seen her since I left in August, so it was nice to visit. We also want to introduce Teal to the farm and to Diane. I had fun taking lots of pictures of all the border collies and farm animals.

Teal's first sheep exposure. Good thing Tess has them under control!

The house dogs - Tess, Rainy and Nan

Teal didn't seem to notice the sheep at first, so we helped her out.

We need to get our border collies some Jolly Balls- they love it!

One of the reasons that Diane is the best- she let our puppy herd her chickens!

Another reason - she gives us eggs!

Teal in her first crouch, watching movement

Ducks are the cutest

Diane cleaned the kennels and let everyone out to play

Tess working hard for Ben - practicing for next weeks trial

You can sort of see Ben trying to close the pen and one sheep getting between his legs.

Frank is watching out for his sheep

Kuro is all grown up now, we watched him when he was a pup.

Crazy muddy baby border collie

Anson is my favorite. He is a handsome boy and Tess's puppy.

Tess is the oldest and most treasured dog on the farm and will be Ben's partner in the trial on Sunday.


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