Monday, February 23, 2009

Ben Jr. was born on Sunday

On Sunday I went to our friend and herding instructor's, Diane, house for some herding with her sweet old dog Tess. You may remember that we were in a trial at Diane's house the weekend before last. Teal is not ready for lessons so I was practicing with Tess. Teal and Tess and I were having a great time moving the sheep around when I heard Diane yelling for me. I snatched up Teal and called Tess and we ran into the barn. I could hear the urgency in Diane's voice but had no idea what the problem might be. Well it is lambing season and little Ben Jr was stuck on his way out. Diane needed me to hold the mommy while she reached in and got Ben Jr out.
When he came out we could tell he has been there for a little while because he had pooped in the placenta and broken the blood vessels in his eyelids from straining to get out. For a second there I thought he was dead, which would have been pretty traumatic. Well he wasn't dead, but he was very weak. We had to rub him all over with towels to dry him off and get his blood flowing and his muscles working. After rubbing him for a while and ruining a few towels he started kicking his legs and making little lamb noises. It was pretty clear that he was going to pull through but he was still to weak to stand and suckle the teat. So again I got the mom in a headlock and Diane held Ben Jr so he could get a lock on the teat. Once he got a little milk in his belly and some more rubs he was able to stand up and inch his was around the barn stall. He was still a little shaky when I left, but he looks like he is going to be a big strong boy when he grows up. When he does get big he probably wont remember me and I will have to beat him on the head with a crook until he realizes who is boss.
I had to do this once before because the ram could smell my manliness and was feeling inadequate so he decided to charge me- over and over again. The whole thing must have seemed pretty funny except that I was getting scared. I couldn't go anywhere because he kept charging me and Deborah could not hear me yelling to let Tess through the gate. The whole thing must have been a riot for Tess and Deborah. Finally Diane came down to the pasture and let Tess in who promptly ran that stupid ram off. I thought I was done at that point, but Diane gave me a crook and told me I had to go after the ram and beat him on the head. Well that was a riot too apparently. Between laughing hysterically Diane and Deborah were yelling at me to hit him harder and that I hit like a sissy and that I have a limp wrist until I had enough rage that I beat him into submission. I felt a little bad, but also a strange sense of pleasure in taking revenge on that stupid ram. He never messed with me again after that. Hopefully Ben Jr doesn't try to pull any of that crap with me, but if he does you can bet I will beat him silly- namesake or no namesake he will have to learn who is boss.


Monique said...

Yes, he was doing just fine by the time I left a couple hours later. Walking around and nursing well. If anything he was standing too tall to nurse and missing the teat by reaching too high :)

Go Ben and Little Ben!

Frances said...

Does Little Ben resemble Big Ben?
Dad and I loved your story about the birth of Little Ben and the RAM.Mom and Dad