Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teal Swimming

Teal is looking a little nervous, but she was a natural swimmer and very cute when wet.

Last weekend I went to Canada with my flyball club for a training retreat and tons of dog swimming. They practiced flyball in a very large greenhouse and went swimming in another greenhouse. I think that people got a lot of good flyball in, but I didn't participate in that because Ari has a bum leg and Teal is too little to actually practice. Teal and I worked on recall, walking on leash and tugging while no one was practicing.

But we really had fun swimming! It was hard to take videos and pics of the dogs swimming because the lens kept fogging up so fast. Also Teal was swimming like mad for the walls so videos of her are short. Ari did some therapeutic swimming, which he didn't particularly love, but he also swam after the tennis ball later in the day. I regret not getting a video of him going after the ball, but it was really foggy and wet in there.

The other night Teal and I went to Norm's. The bar in Seattle that allows dogs to sit under the tables. We went with out friends Jacob and Guthrie. Teal got passed around the tables and got a lot of good socialization. I was happy that she fell asleep in the booth right before our food came. This is a poor video of her sleeping and Jacob and Guthrie hanging out.

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Deborah said...

OMG! Ari is so cute I cant stand it!