Sunday, February 15, 2009

Internship Update & Flyball Close to Home

Before I left for Seattle I finished my food service management rotation for my internship. I actually loved my food service rotation, which is very suprising. I didn't love it as a career choice, but I loved being there and learning from my amazing preceptor. Now I just have to finish clinical and I will be finished! I am now a little more than 1/2 way done. This week I start a class on clinical nutrition before we go to the hospital for the real thing. I will be at Baystate Hospital in Springfield, MA for the majority of my time until June. At which point, we still have no idea where we will be going.

My desk at Noble

They brought me this cake for my surprise going away party, which left me speechless


Friday was a crazy day. My flight out of Seattle was delayed 2 hours. Then after waiting and sitting on the plane for 5 hours I drove from Newark, NJ to Central Mass, four hours......for a flyball tournament. I would have driven back to Mass anyway, but Friday was followed by two very long days of flyball. It is a lot of fun, but it is not the least bit relaxing. Its loud and non-stop. It is always difficult to sleep too. I was so tired, I was tempted to crawl into one of the big dog crates with thick cushions and take a nap. I wonder if other people find flyball tournaments as exhausting as I do?

Kerry & Joe

Our crating area

Chase and Hunter dressed up for Mardi Gras

Indy's team mate Slingshot getting wrapped

Our sad Mardi Gras decorating attempt

The winning Mardi Gras set-up. They won a free entry to next years tournament
adorable parson jack russell puppies

Sue and Joe's crew of dogs

Indy raced with the same team as usual. We came in last place of division 1, but we had fun and the dogs were happy and tired. Indy very much enjoyed the intense competition and ran several times below 4 seconds with a passand got her FM title. We are going to put her in start position at the next tournament for a few heats to see if she can break 3.9 seconds.
She either decided that she would prefer lower jumps or that she hates waiting after a false start, so she busted through 3 inches of jump slats. Our other mishap involved me putting her leg wraps (protects her legs) on too tight...ooops. She decided to sit out the last race because her legs felt too tingly.
Indy busted through a 1" and a 2" slat



An English Shepherd said...

Nice blog, we only seem to race indoors in the winter over here :-)

Deborah said...

oh this was definitely indoors!!! It was probably about 10 degrees outside that weekend! On the east coast all racing is indoors year round. On the west coast summer tournaments are often on grass outside.