Thursday, October 30, 2008

First National Dietetic Conference and Homesick

Life has not been especially exciting lately, aside from my recent trip to Chicago for the American Dietetic Association conference. It was fun to be at a conference surrounded by hundreds of other dietetians, however there is clearly a variety of motivations this career choice. I am going to be a dietitian because I believe that food is a valuable medicine, that Americans are extremely confused about how to use. It is amazing that people can prevent or treat various disease states through dietary changes rather than (or in addition to) using medication.

Anyway, I was very unimpressed by the massive Expo that featured various corporations pushing mostly processed food to the dietitians. I was even more unimpressed by the dietitians that thought that this was the greatest thing ever. I made the mistake of taking free samples instead of eating lunch one day and ended up eating way too many bars and other weird food products. At least I didn't have to buy lunch!

I went to talks on Celiac disease, Phytochemicals and Cancer, The Choline Gap, Addiction/Sobriety and Nutrition, and Sustainability and Dietitians. None of these presented information that I hadn't already heard. I guess that says a lot for my graduate program.

The highlight of the trip was just being in Chicago and hanging out with Ashley (a friend from grad school). We hung out the whole time and have the same opinion of the ADA, so it was fun to vent together. We went out to some good restaurants, including a conveniently located vegan restaurant a few blocks from the hotel.

Check out some photos on Ash's blog (my camera was out of batteries)

For some reason I have been having an especially hard time with being away from Ben and my home lately. I think it is because the novelty of being in a new place has worn off and I don't have much going on other than my internship, which has not been going as well as expected.

I should probably take up some of my old hobbies again - photography (need a better camera for that), water coloring, other crafty things. Maybe I'll learn how to crochet or take a pottery class. I have been learning a lot more about politics, doing lots of yoga and dog training/going to flyball tournaments. Indy is going to know lots of fun tricks by the time I'm done with this internship!

Speaking of flyball tournaments, I'm going to one in Maine next weekend. I'm going to try to leave early and check out the beach, antique stores, and light houses.

I start my next rotation on Tuesday at Noble Hospital in Westfield, MA. Food service management! Yeah!

Sorry no picutures this time.

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