Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

First of all, I have to write about the creepiest thing ever that happened right next door to our house in Seattle. When Ben got home from a friends house last Thursday night there were cop cars and helicopters surrounding our house.

He got up to the front door and saw a business card with a request for him to call the child abuse and sexual assault division of the SPD. Of course Larry (our King of the Hill neighbor) was outside trying to help, but was drunk as usual and probably not that helpful.

After Ben and I speculated on what could have happened, he finally got a call back from the detective. It turns out that our neighbor (an 11 year old girl) was outside doing a star gazing project by herself in the front yard. A man came up to her and put a knife to her stomach and forced her into the backyard. From this point we are not really sure what happened, and probably don't really want to know, but we do know that he made her take off her clothes and they have DNA evidence. Creepy and sad and sick. I feel terrible for this little girl who is (was) very sweet and trusting of strangers. Ben feels terrible and wishes him and Ari were home to scare the guy away. Ari would have kicked that sorry guy's ass.

There are some things in the articles that don't match up in the story. They say that the guy broke into the house and then attacked the girl on the way out. Why would he break into the house, not take anything, and then rape a little girl on his way out? And where was her mom? Sleeping?

In unrelated and not nearly as important news.....

Indy will now again be going to Montreal for a Thanksgiving tournament instead of being boarded. We got a 100% sure confirmation this time.

Ben is coming to visit tomorrow and we have a fun weekend planned, including meeting up with his parents on Saturday and Sunday. I'm very excited!

I had many fun times during high school and college driving long distances to see Phish and even flew from Seattle to Vermont to see what we though was their last show ever in 2004. I was pretty much over the whole drugged out, burrito and grilled cheese eating, dirty, dreadlocked scene. Until today when Janel told me they are BACK! I now feel compelled to go to Virginia in March and see them once again. I still don't have much money, but I won't be selling food to pay my way. I guess I'm not over the good part- the music. Now I'm going to be one of those weird older people enjoying Phish amongst a new generation of dirty hippies. I can't wait!

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