Sunday, November 9, 2008

F-150, Hospital Food Service, Maine Flyball

When I got home from Chicago I had to finish up my presentation on childhood obesity so I did not end up going to my 10 year high school reunion. I do not have any regrets about it, and frankly I was dreading it anyway. Even if I did want to go, I wouldn't have had the option because my car broke down on Halloween. The only rental car left within walking distance was a Ford F-150. It was way to massive for me and I think I looked ridiculous driving it. I do have future plans to get a smaller truck when my CRV is done.

Luckily my car was fixable and was ready in time for me to start my new rotation at Noble Hospital. Adjusting to 8 hours of standing in a hospital kitchen will be hard, but I have learned a lot already and am trying to keep a positive attitude. I am looking forward to working with them to use less disposable products and to start recycling. I might even be able to convince them that its worth their effort to use some local produce and animal products. The food service management rotation is the one that most people like the least because its not really related to nutrition. After one week I can already say that I like it better than my community rotation.

A food service mishap in the UMASS cafeteria

My friend Taryn and I traveled to the Maine coast for some flyball this weekend. This was our first full-time tournament in this region. Indy and her team did very well with very few problems, taking 2nd place in their division. It was nice to be on a team that did really well and got lots of points. Indy was the 4th dog in the line-up, so I learned a lot about how to have a good pass. We did have some ball dropping issues at the end, which I will most likely always have to work on with her. She ran a few 4.0 second heats and her team had some times around 18 seconds. She was in more races than ever before, so she was exhausted and still is!

I took lots of videos and am working on getting them on you tube. Sorry about the quality. I am learning that my flip video is limited to close up vidoes with not much motion....not great for flyball.

After 7 races

Taryn after watching 90 races

The club that hosted the tournament went all out with a human/dog pie eating contest and a lobster dinner on Saturday night. Taryn and I had both ate full lobsters.....I'm not sure if I'll do that again. On our way back we stopped at a seafood shack for lunch in Bath, ME and then to Freeport, ME to check out the outlets. LL Bean did not have the plaid flannel shirt I was hoping for.

A lobster roll - hot dog bun, lobster meat, mayo. A Maine specialty

Some pictures from a few weeks ago.... Just as Indy is getting more confident to swim, the weather is changing to freezing. I have big plans for her to do some serious swimming year.

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