Sunday, November 23, 2008

New York City & Waiting 8 weeks for Border Collie # 2

I spent this weekend in NYC visiting my friend Rachel. We have known each other since before we remember and are still really good friends. We always have a good time together. Her and her boyfriend Teddy have a beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. NYC was unbelievably cold...painfully cold. I had to borrow some of her winter stuff.

Rachel's Apartment

Waiting to go for a walk. Border Collies can survive in NYC!

Rachel and Teddy

Inside the Apt

Cute little kitchen

On Friday night we went out for Haitian food in Harlem and then had a lazy Saturday morning, making it to brunch by 1 pm. We went to a place called Hells Kitchen ( I had a unique dish that was a spinach pie on a croissant with eggs. It was cooked perfectly. The draw to this place is the unlimited refills on bloody marys, mimosas and screwdrivers. I did not enjoy this offer, but everyone else thought it was pretty exciting.

Later we went to Erins (a friend from NJ) 30th Bday party in Brooklyn. It was good to catch up with some old friends, especially Lyz who we met up with later that night.

Rachel and Lyz

The Dare X Corrie puppies are finally here! Since she had 6 we are definitely getting one. Ben is extremely excited. I'm disappointed that I won't be there for most of his/her puppyhood. Poor Ari thought he was done with annoying border collies and now he is going to be stuck with another baby one (the worst kind in his opinion). Ben will be flying to pick up his new puppy in about 8 weeks. Here is the breakdown of puppy colors:

red tri girl
red merle girl
blue merle tri girl
black/white boy
red merle boy
black/white girl

They will be posting videos regularly here...

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