Monday, December 1, 2008

A Whirlwind Thanksgiving Weekend in Seattle

It all started on Wednesday at 4 pm. I forgot that I made my flight reservation to leave from Newark instead of Hartford. No big deal, only an additional four hour drive. I was a little bit stressed because I still had to drop Indy off, pack, and get to my parents house in New Jersey with enough time to get some sleep before my flight first thing on Thursday morning. That all went as smoothly as could be expected.

One of the best parts of my trip was seeing my boy Ari!! I miss him so much. He was disappointed that I missed his Halloween bee costume, so he put it on for me.

Our friends from Hawaii, Ted, Jaymie and their baby Azure are staying at our house. So when I finally made it home, I had about 2 minutes to say hello to them before we had to leave to get to Joy and Chris's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ben prepared a roasted root vegetable dish and Joy made the rest of the food, which was all very impressive. We had turkey breasts (my first in 15 years), biscuits, green salad, mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted root vegetables and deviled eggs. All the standard Thanksgiving comfort foods. For dessert we had pumpkin and chocolate pies with homemade whipped cream. After that meal I felt satisfied, relaxed and ready for a nap. It was great to see Joy and Chris and their dogs, especially Ezri (Indy's younger 1/2 sister).

The Adiletta dogs were treated to their own Thanksgiving feast. I would eat that dessert.

I miss Ezri already

Deviled Eggs...Joys staple Thanksgiving dish

Gluten-free Cornbread

Who needs turkey bacon when you can have turkey wrapped in bacon!

The next morning we went out to Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast with Jaymie and Azure. Eating out with a fussy baby is not fun for mom. We took turns entertaining the baby so Jaymie could eat! Ben and I both had wild salmon omelets.

Jaymie and Baby Azure. So cute!!

Later Ben and I did our part of contribute to Black Friday shopping. We wanted to support our local economy so we bought a new camera from Kenmore Camera. We ended up with the Canon Rebel Xsi with a 2 lens kit. Hopefully you will see an improvement in the quality of the photos now.

We made it back to to house just in time to meet Brooke, one of my best friends. We met shortly after I moved to Olympia, WA and have stayed close ever since despite both of us moving around over the years. She is settled in Portland, OR, so visiting is easy when I'm in Seattle. We both enjoy just sitting around talking and drinking tea and so that is what we did. We all went out to dinner to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Kisaku for sushi.

Sorry Brooke, somehow this is the only photo I have of you and I just had to post it. It looks nice next to all my food photos!

The next day I got my fill of my Vietnamese food for lunch (I have been dreaming about fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce since I left Seattle) and then after a little more relaxing we headed down to Federal Way for Rudy's birthday party. It was fun to hang out with our flyball buddies and help Rudy celebrate.

We had just enough time to meet up with Kate and Jacob on Sunday morning for Mexican breakfast at Senor Moose. Wow. I didn't know how much I like Mexican breakfast until this. The combination of beans, avocado, corn tortillas, and eggs smothered in salsa hits the spot.

And that was my trip to Seattle! It went by super fast. The short trip was totally worth the nightmare of delayed flights and 8 hours of driving to and from Newark.

For those of you that are wondering how Indy's flyball tournament went....not so good. She had some ball dropping issues and so they decided to pull her. I guess she didn't like holding her ball while I wasn't there. We have another tournament next weekend in York, PA, so we'll see how she does. I'm going to do a lot of work with her on holding her ball this week.

Amanda gave Indy a cool new toy to bring home....this toy is now a mass of white fluff all over my apartment.

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