Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beginnning Vacation & Serious Snow

Ben arrived just in time for the first big snow storm of the year in New England. Our Friday night plans of visiting people quickly changed to staying home and watching movies.

And going out to dinner in downtown Northampton

Massachusetts knows how to handle a snow storm. They cleared the roads quickly, allowing us to head down to New York on Saturday afternoon. We stopped at my uncles house in Mount Kisco, NY, and then make it to my parents house later that evening.

I have not celebrated Hanukkah in many many years. Ben has never really celebrated. My parents gave us the full experience. We attempted to play dreidel, lit the menorah, ate latkes, and opened lots of presents!

Aunt Sheila's dark chocolate Hanukkah cookies

My parents dog Misty has no manners, but her massive floppy ears and bark that sounds like she has a sore throat are very redeeming

Cookies from Viking Bakery...same as when I used to work there!

Tres Leche. Ben and I picked up this cake in a local bakery. Unfortunately my family members are on various diets that don't include cake....damn Atkins diet.

"Understanding Your Dog For Dummies"

Lets hope that my parents are not successful in fattening Indy while Im gone. She is not off to a good start.

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