Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Holiday Display

Our first full size Christmas tree. We got it from the Forestry Dept at UW. Not the prettiest tree in the world, but really fun to decorate and see our collection of ornaments. We also have two Menorahs. Despite not being religious at all, we'll to celebrate some generic American version of both Christmas and Chanukah. Lots of presents, baking, Santa, making wreaths, candle lighting. We haven't celebrated Chanukah before, but we have some Christmas traditions. We used to travel every Christmas, but when we are home we plan an elaborate dinner and breakfast for Christmas morning. We sit around all day in our PJs, slowly opening presents throughout the day. We usually don't leave the house and just cook and relax. I'd like to start some new holiday traditions that will be fun for Finley. I need some ideas!

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Anonymous said...

definately lighting the Chanukah candles & singing the blessings! I'll send it to you! Love, Mom & Dad