Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A girl with personality

I am way behind on taking photos, but did manage to get some of Finley this morning. It's so much fun to watch her personality come out. She has lots of opinions about things now. She likes to pick out her clothes, especially which shoes she will wear. Her favorites are shiny magenta colored mary janes. It's also quite amazing how many things she can identify. It's hard to understand things she says, but it you ask her to point to anything in the house or go get something and she knows it....even if I've never taught her. She points to EVERTHING and says "this?" or "that", wanting to know what it is. We put up holiday decorations this week. We've got stockings, a Christmas tree and two Menorahs. She knows all of them...although she is slightly afraid of the tree. She points at it and says "HOT". She is really into her Dad right now and gets extremely excited when he gets home. Ben's not sure what to think because she points at him and laughs, saying "dada" dada" while laughing. She still loves books and toys that are challenging. She is also still totally fine with being left with people other than Ben or I, which is very nice. We get to go to flyball tournaments and don't have to worry about her missing us too much.

We are going to Las Vegas for the first time (for me) next week! I probably won't like it, but I'm looking forward to laying around and doing nothing but eating, walking around and relaxing for a few days. Oh and also Cirque Du Soleil X 2! Very excited about that!

I haven't done anything to get ready for our move, other than get rid of more things this week. That helps right? Time is going by really fast right now and it's a bit overwhelming. The countdown continues to find out if Ben gets an interview. We should know in a month or less. 

 My owl photos got slightly of from 1 per month. I took these today and as of Nov 28th Finley is 19 months. I told her to smile for the camera and she did! What a good girl!

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Anonymous said...

You're in our thoughts & prayers. Hugs to all. Mom&Dad (f&s)