Wednesday, November 2, 2011

work play balance

We just got back from NYC for Rachel's wedding and to visit Finley's great grandmother and our good friends Carly, Fritz  and Beau. The wedding was exactly what Rachel wanted and went very smoothly. I learned that I hate getting dressed up and having my makeup done, which is sad because it looked good. It's just torture for me though!  I sucked it up and had fun anyway.

Finley and Beau very close in age, which made it very easy to stay with them. We went to playgrounds, kid friendly restaurants, stroller rides around some Brooklyn neighborhoods. It was perfect!

Photos from our trip are here. Here is a favorite

Finley had a fun Halloween! We went to three neighbors houses and got more than enough candy. We let her sort through her bag at home. She had no idea that there was candy inside and would have been fine with no candy, but I couldn't resist letting her have one piece. She picked a Snickers bar. Smart girl. Oh and she was a bat and Ben was Dracula. I'm lame and don't dress up.

What else is going on? We are slowly packing up things that we won't need for awhile. We had a new fence put in and the kitchen is being minimally remodeled. The real estate agent we might use is coming over next week.

I LOVE my job. I never thought I'd love clinical dietetics so much, but it's perfect for me. Just the right amount of medicine/science, working independently, a little bit of counseling and days that zip by. The per diem aspect works really well too. If we are going out of town, I'm just not available to work.  Luckily this is a common job for a dietitian and easy to find positions.

Finley is still an amazing sleeper and eating. Who knows how late she would sleep, because most days we wake her up at around 9 am. She eats as much food as me, if not more. She is getting better and better at communicating and putting words together. Sometimes though she gets this intense look in her eye and tries to tell me something important and I have no idea what she wants. So I just start asking her questions and eventually figure it out.

I'm really happy with our weekly schedule right now. I think it's a nice balance of everything. It looks something like this....

Monday: Ben and I work all day. Finley goes to daycare. Nothing in the evening usually make dinner, walk dogs, train dogs or go to the gym.

Tuesday: Finley and mom day. We go to Little Gym and just hang out all day doing errands and playing. Ben has agility with Pax and Indigo.

Wednesday: Finley goes to daycare. I have the day off. This is my day to catch up on things I can't do when I have Finley. Study for my nutrition support dietitian exam, clean, blog etc. In the evening I volunteer at dog training class

Thursday: I work 1/2 day. Finley goes to daycare. We've got box practice some weeks. Otherwise we make dinner and spend the evening at home.

Friday: Ben has the day off, but usually does school work all day. Finley is in daycare. I work all day.

 This is the first time in my life that I've found a balance between work and play. It's a nice feeling.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your visit too, don't forget!!! Love, Mom & Dad.

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