Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've been in a state of transition for the last few months and will be until next April when we move ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

The move from Seattle to Olympia was meant to be temporary, as there were no jobs in Olympia. It was a toss up between Portland, Eugene and Seattle. Seattle seemed to have the most jobs. I got a great job right away and was happy for a year or so until.... I decided that I wanted to be a dietitian and applied to several graduate schools - Bastyr (here in Kenmore), UW, Arizona State, Oregon State and UMASS. I was accepted into both Bastyr and UMASS. I chose to go to Bastyr, mainly because I already accepted the spot when I got my acceptance letter from UMASS and it didn't seem like a great time to move across the country.

So I went to Bastyr, Ben went to UW for his first (of many) graduate degree and we were again in Seattle for another few years. We bought a cute house in North Seattle and were satisfied for a few years that our arrangement. Then when it came time for me to apply to dietetic internships, I picked two in Seattle as my first two choices and my first long distance choice was again UMASS. Well this time I didn't have a choice, as dietetic internships are matched and you get your first pick that accepts you. So I moved for a year to Massachusetts with Indigo and a car full of stuff.

Despite being away from Ben and the comforts of home, I loved it. I knew I would. It's exactly the landscape that I wish Seattle had more of: beautiful countryside with old farmhouses, town centers, farmland that's not really far from everything. I love the rail trails, the local markets, the seasons and being close to both NYC and Boston. There is also a wonderful community of people with similar interests in flyball and other dog sports.

It all seemed to fall into place when Ben decided that instead of getting a Phd at UW, he wanted to be a Vet. Of the 28 Vet schools, Tufts is the only one that I'm willing to live near, so that make our decision for us. Ben is in the process of applying now. and YES we are moving in April whether Ben gets in or not. Bad decision? Maybe, but we don't care, we are ready for a change.

17 months

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Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! love you all, mom & dad.