Saturday, September 3, 2011

We just got back from a trip to Reno. I enjoy going to Reno because it's usually a very relaxing trip. We have a full time babysitter and get to spend lots of time lounging around. We also make sure to go to Hiroba at least twice. It's an all you can eat sushi restaurant and it's amazing. I'm lucky it's not in Seattle. We also love going to the Pet Edge warehouse and the Patagonia outlet. The only thing that could make this trip less fun would be breaking my foot. Oh yeah. I broke my foot, falling down 3 stairs. I'm not wearing one of those aircasts and Finley thinks its a monster!

Anyway, back to fun in Reno...We took went to Truckee on our last day and had lots of fun walking through downtown and playing on the beach at Donner Lake. While we were in Reno Finley learned how to say "Moo" when you ask what a cow says. She also has been getting better at walking and is almost running. She still eats like a machine and immediately upon waking in the morning and after naps does the sign for "more and says "mo, mo mo". It's cute, but I wonder where all that food is going!

The photos are HERE
And the video is HERE

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