Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking forward

We are moving in 4.5 short months! It sort of doesn't seem real, but at the same time we are slowly getting ready and talking about plans. We are mostly focused on waiting to find out if Ben got into Vet school. The first possible interview date is December 16th. Ben didn't get called for this one. We will know if he'll get an interview by January and if he does get one, we'll know if he got in by mid March.

We aren't making any major plans until we find out. We are moving either way, but it will change things a bit. He will apply 2-3 times if needed to get in.  It often takes awhile.

I just went through all of Finleys clothes and toys and got rid of stuff we don't want anymore and packed stuff that I want to save. We are slowly packing up our house and talking about how long we want to rent vs buy a house. But again so many unknowns: when will our house sell? what town do we want to live in? Schools for Finley? Where will I work? What will Ben do if he doesn't get in this round? How will we get our stuff there without renting a storage unit? The list goes on....

I find myself pondering about what things I'll miss from the last 11 years I've spend i the Pacific Northwest. I know I missed it when I was in Massachusetts for a few years. And then there are also things that I won't miss at all and look forward to about New England. I've got a list going in my head and it goes something like this.

Things I won't miss about Seattle: constant traffic everywhere, short/coldish summer, gray skies, no where to swim/gross beaches, no good ice cream or eggplant parm,  superficial friendly people, our lack of yard and space, our neighborhood

Things I will miss about Seattle: year round growing season, year round farmers markets, compost pickup and recycling options for everything, good coffee, PCC, Vietnamese food everywhere, huge trees and mountains, constant green, some dog sports, the North Cascades, picking blackberries,

I'm looking forward to snow, good ice cream, being close to several fun cities, lakes, good flyball, open space for hiking, changing leaves, cross country skiing, having land, growing hot weather vegetables, apple picking, cape cod, maine, hot summer nights, more light, pretty country drives, antiques.

Thats a start...I've got more to add to the list.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to read. Best of everything with your move. You, Ben & Finley are in our prayers every night. Love, Mom & Dad, Granma & Granpa

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read. Looks like you will look forward to moving and not miss much there in Seattle. Sounds like the flyball wasn't very good there in Seattle either. Happy you will find a better place to live with better friends, flyball, and things to do!