Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Finley is still an awesome sleeper. We are so lucky and appreciate every 9 hour night of sleep we get. We put a few stuffed animals in her crib and on several mornings we found her cuddling with this little plush lamb. Its very cute.

29 weeks and sitting up on her own

our new flyball practice facility

We had our first snow of the year. It was fun to experience the first snow experience along with Finley, Pax and Kate. It was extremely cold, but Finley was all bundled up and we went for a walk. The dogs had fun in the snow too, although Pax was cold and was excited to get home.


Kate Kurtz said...

Did you get another puppy named Kate?
Miss you!!! Are you guys around for Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Finley snuggling her lamb! Absolutely adorable! Glad she got to see snow for the first time. It was a wonderful visit. I'll miss the 3 of you. Grandma & Grandpa, Fran & Seth.