Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Ben, Finley and I flew into Newark, NJ on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Finley was unbelievably good on the flight. She ate baby food, nursed, slept, watched TV and didnt cry at all. We were very pleased to not be the people with the screaming baby.

Finley's Great Grandmother was beyond thrilled to meet her first Great Granddaughter. Here is Finley demonstrating her crunch skills. She has been practicing for awhile now...

And showing off how well she sits up on her own

That night we all went out to the Alexis Diner for some classic NJ diner food. You can pretty much order anything 24 hours a day. Im not sure how they manage, but the food is always pretty good.

Finleys Grandma Fran got her lots of Hannuka presents. It was really fun to watch her opening her first gifts. She wanted to eat the paper and ribbn, but she was having fun and enjoyed all her new presents.

Aunt Sheila joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. We had the standard Turkey with rye bread stuffing, gravy, my grandmothers cranberry apple crisp, sweet potato casserole, green beans and apple pie and black and white cookies for dessert.

Finley enjoyed some turkey and sweet potatoes

later that night we went over to Carlys parents house to meet Beau, who we decided has no choice in being Finleys new best friend. They had a blast rolling around on the floor together

On Saturday morning we went to Synagogue for Finleys baby naming. Her Hebrew name is now Ziva. We also went to visit Rachel and her parents and Finley got to meet Lucy the pitbull.

Yak is apparently entertained by putting babies on Lucy for a ride

On Sunday afternoon we went to Rachels bridesmaid brunch. It was fun to meet Rachels other close friends. Finley was flexible enough to take her afternoon nap on Faith. Ben had fun during the brunch with the guys at the bar.

While in NY, we stayed with Carly and Beau. It was super easy for us because Carly has all the baby gear we could possibly need. Most importantly, we had so much fun watching our two girls play together.

We took Beau and Finley out for a walk around Red Hook Brooklyn

While Carly and I waited for our "slow food" Stumptown coffee by the cup, Ben pushed the babies to keep them sleeping. Very Dad of him! It was literally the best coffee I have ever had.

On Saturday night, Carly was nice enough to arrange for her baby sitter (and babysitters cousin) to come and watch the girls while we went out to Marlowe for dinner. We ate dinner from 7-10 pm, enjoying lots of courses of amazing food and wine. The best part was coming back to Carlys house to our two soundly sleeping babies. I was so proud of Finley for doing so well with her first babysitter and going to bed for someone else.

30 weeks

31 weeks

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The cutest yet!!! We love the pictures! We're still on a high from Thanksgiving weekend. See you soon.