Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Dreams May Come

When I was writing my last blog post, our stop in Montana briefly slipped my mind. The area in and around Glacier National Park is certainly not forgettable. Of the places I have traveled it is one of the most beautiful. Its not surprising that parts of What Dreams May Come was filmed here because if there was a heaven, it would look like Montana.

On our drive here we left I-90 and were immediately in back country Montana where regular gas is 85 octane and there might as well be no speed limit. Along the roads are miles of cattle ranches and agricultural land intermixed with wild flower meadows and a back drop of steep cliffs and rolling green mountains. We were tempted to stop and let the dogs have a swim at all of the rivers and lakes alongside the road. We finally settled on Nevada Creek. It was unfortunately less than a foot deep, but the dogs had fun and we had a nice short hike. We also saw a snake and a grouse.

not sure what kind of snake this is

a grouse

what is this thing?

The next morning we went for a 4 mile hike on cross country trails called Round Meadow.

Scarlet Paintbrush

this is some kind of wild pea

wild currant?


Mountain Dandelion

We had a bit of a dilemma because we were only a 30 minute drive from Glacier National Park, but we couldnt go because dogs are not allowed. We decided that after the dogs had a full day of running, we could take them and drive on the scenic highway that crosses the park. It was totally worth it, eventhough we didnt do any hiking.

Blanket flower

not sure what this is..maybe penstemon

bear grass is the white flower, not sure about the other

Mountain Goats!

Alpine Glacier Lily

Before leaving the area we had to try some Bison meat, so we went to a local Mexican restaurant called Piscado Blanco (a mountain mexican kitchen) and had Bison Enchiladas. The meat was very strong flavored, but was prepared nicely. Today we drove to the lovely city of Kennewick, WA to yet another LaQuinta hotel.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

We look forward to seeing you again. We miss you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!