Thursday, July 2, 2009

Graduation and Last Days on the East Coast

My last two weeks in Northampton went by super fast and before I knew it I was sitting at my graduation ceremony! Im not big on graduation ceremonies or really any ceremony at all usually, but this one was nice and short and to the point. It was nice to see my preceptors again and say goodbye to everyone.

Alice, my amazing clinical preceptor and her interns

My poster that I presented at the Massachusetts Dietetic Assoc. meeting

the 10 interns and our internship director, Nadine

Packing my car was an involved process. Somehow I managed to accumulate way too many things during the past year and ended up having to ship a few boxes home. We made a nice, comfortable spot for the dogs to sleep while we drive. Its far from ideal, but it works.

On Saturday night we drove to Brooklyn for Carly and Fritzs wedding party. It was the most beautiful loading dock/parking lot converted into a party Ive ever seen. They served ribs, corn, salad, and baked beans for dinner and everyone sat at picnic tables with red and white checked table clothes. Instead of a cake they had a colorful cup cake tree.

Ben and his new friend Timmy

Carly was brave enough to sing a song to her husband

It was a late night on Saturday with the wedding and stopping by Rachel and Teddy's place to say goodbye. The next morning we stopped by Carly's parents house for a BBQ. Their home and landscaping gets more beautiful every time I see it.

Its not a BBQ without a keg of beer

One of the many beautiful flowers on the property. Fuschia is one of my favorite flowers, especially the annual showy variety.

We drove straight from the BBQ to Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod. We rented a small cottage with a nice big yard, just a short drive from the beach. One our first day it was rainy in the morning, so we drove out to the end of the Cape to Provincetown. I love this place and wanted Ben to check it out. It certainly was a lot busier and crazier than it was in the Spring

After P-town we made our way back toward our cottage, stopping at shops and lighthouses along the way.

While on the east coast we wanted to get our fill of the best ice cream in the country. We sampled from various scoop shops, all home-made. On Cape Cod we went to a busy one called Sundae School. Ben was unimpressed with his, but I thought it was really good with lots of unique flavors.

We also checked out Chatham and found one of the only beaches that is dog friendly. It was beautiful and lots of fun. We did have to walk through knee deep water that covered the parking lot, but it was worth it.

We stopped by this cute little pie shop. They sell fresh sweet and savory pies daily. We chose peach/wild blueberry.

We woke up early the next morning to take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, a beautiful and very crowded vacation spot frequented by the wealthy. It was everything I expected...huge beautiful homes, warm water, quaint narrow streets lined with shops and restaurants, and very accomodating to dogs. We walked around Oak Bluff and then took the bus to Edgartown

sleeping on the ferry

the view just before we arrived

We stopped at Tonys for a greek salad. It was huge and only $4

crowded bus ride. Epic braved through it. Indigo didnt mind one bit.

The meadow near on the the most photographed lighthouses on the Vineyard

A closer view

This is my favorite photo of Epic. He loves laying in water and after a long day of walking on a hot day, all he wanted to do was take a breather in the cool, shallow water.

the view from the bench where we ate our lunch of greasy fish and chips

on another bus ride they fit nicely on the luggage rack!

We had a contest to see who could get the best photo of a seagull. Ben won.

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