Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ending a 6 K mile drive and back to OUR LIFE IN SEATTLE

Our last night in Montana was spent searching for some buffalo meat to try. We found a Mountain/Mexican restaurant and had bison enchiladas! It was surprisingly good for Mexican food no where near Mexico.

After Montana we made our way to Salem, OR for the first of three flyball tournaments in a row. It was great to race with our Seattle team again and catch up with everyone. After learning so much about dog training while on the east coast, I may take a bigger role in training for the flyball club, so I spent a lot of time observing our dogs and planning training ideas. All three tournaments were extremely hot, but somehow Indigo managed to break her time record a few times with a best time of 3.76. She also ran doubles with her sister, who is remarkably similar to her in flyball and mannerisms.

Riker our team rat terrier in Salem

Ben running Taz!

watching the "bobbing for apples competition"

Ezri showing off her Frisbee skills

someday I will get a decent photo of Indy on the box.

A cute little Staffy named Whip!

It is apparently a tradition to play Pirate 3D blacklight mini golf at this tournament. So Ben and joined in and I played horribly as usually at mini golf.

In between the Salem and Truckee tournaments we stopped in Ashland overnight and then Reno to spend some time with the Shryocks and take a break from non-stop driving!

In Ashland we stopped at a hidden little breakfast place called Morning Glory. It had great reviews and was packed. The food and atmosphere were both impressive and enjoyable.

Our three dogs meet all together for the first time! The border collies pretty much just treat Ari like he is king. He doesnt mind one bit.

Ben and I made a fully grilled dinner which consisted of marinated beef skewers, grilled bok choy, corn and grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream for dessert!

In the hot desert sun there wasnt much to do other than take the dogs and ourselves swimming in the truckee river.

Tournament in Truckee, CA

The Ignited girls running doubles

We couldnt pass through Portland again without visiting Brooke! I love her little house and her mini farm with beautiful gardens and an adorable chicken coop. The highlight of our visit was our attempt to go to a secret swimming spot. We followed our vague directions and eventually ended up at the ended up at the foot of what was previously a narrow walking bridge. Since the bridge wasnt there and we came all this way we decided to cross the rapidly moving river. Everytime the dogs crossed my heart stopped. When we finally got to the spot it was too cold to swim, but it was beautiful and rare to find such a deep swimming hole. However unless they build another bridge I wont be returning.

Brooke and Cleo crossing

Ben needed help across the river so I stepped up to the challege

where the bridge used to be

twin flower

First visit to the Northwest forest in a long time!

This is some kind of saprophytic orchid

This is what the Northwest weather does to benches

We finally made it to the swimming hole

Breakfast at the Tin Shed

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An English Shepherd said...

Indigo's time of 3.76 is very fast!

Lovely pictures and great story.

Wizz :-)